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Top 10 Ad Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

In today’s world, where consumers prefer purchasing everything (from clothes to food) online, digital advertising has started significantly overlapping traditional media. As consumers have adopted digital media and their digital footprint has come to include multiple devices across a range of sites and platforms, marketers have had to face a range of challenges, including targeting, frequency, and attribution, to name a few. This has given rise to marketing technologies that aim to streamline critical elements of online advertising management, thereby making digital marketing efforts more efficient and delivering a solid return of investment (ROI).

With all this in mind, it is clear that online advertising has come a long way, especially in the last few years! By all accounts, the rate of change in this arena is only likely to accelerate as traditional ad formats are supplanted by digital advertising methods powered by AI, VR, AR etc., which are enhancing reach and engagement opportunities.

Particularly, AI is being used to track user interests across digital and social medial platforms and acquire insights, which can be used to create ideal target audience pools to present their ads. Further, the insights are being leveraged by brands to identify the consumers most likely to buy their products, thus trimming down their budget, while enhancing reach and engagement.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of ad management solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings are on the rise. To help firms strengthen their operations capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, MarTech Outlook has compiled a list of the top ad management solution providers in Europe. The list comprises prominent enterprises in the industry that address challenges in the ad management domain by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you MarTech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Ad Management Solution Companies  in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Ad Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • Targetspot, a maven that is on a mission to help businesses leverage the untapped and unique digital audio advertising opportunity to reach a wide, captive and engaged audience. Targetspot is a subsidiary of digital audio pioneer AudioValley, and was established to monetise clients’ digital audio content through its portfolio of digital audio advertising solutions. The company’s set of proprietary technologies is capable of providing an end-to-end integration between brands and publishers to facilitate programmatic advertising, laser sharp cookie-less targeting, and advanced attribution

  • Tradedoubler offers affiliate marketing, a white-label technology solution and a full-service programmatic solution. As the name suggests, Tradedoubler helps businesses grow rapidly through affiliate marketing—a type of performance-based marketing in which a retailer rewards one or more publishers (referred to as “affiliates”) for each visitor or customer the publisher brings own marketing efforts. These rewards are based on pre-defined actions, such as a sale, a newsletter registration, a download or a click. In essence, publishers, as an extended sales team for the advertiser promotes products and is rewarded on a percentage of the basket value. With presence in over 10 countries, the company reached out to a network of 180,000 online and mobile publishers to help generate € 1.4 billion incremental revenue for over 2,000 clients in 2018. With solutions laser-focused on advertisers and publishers, who want to grow their business, Tradedoubler provides performance marketing and technology solutions powering a unique network of connections

  • Yeesshh offers access to exclusive POP and PUSH NOTIFICATION traffic with an impression by impression live buy, high-quality traffic based on an advanced bidding system. Their platform gives access to a thousand plus publishers or direct websites that register through them. They utilize large formats or full-page advertisements, including pop ads and push ads, to publish the content to achieve maximum redirects. What makes Yeesshh more innovative is its approach to fighting fraud. This company is focused on devising consumer-oriented remedies to mitigate fraudulences. The efficacy of their team and platform that enables advertisers to perform their tasks with flexibility drives most of the clients to work with Yeesshh

  • Yieldkit is a technology platform for performance and affiliate marketing that connects content and commerce. Currently 5,000 publishers, 72 networks and 50,000 advertisers are associated together worldwide. Matching occurs through Yieldkit’s machine learning technology. It analyzes publishers' text-based content and brings together certain terms and keywords approved by the publisher with matching e-commerce offers and services from advertisers. Publishers can additionally monetize their content and advertisers have access to a high-performance in-text advertising format.

  • Adspert


    Adspert supports e-commerce companies in maximizing their profit on Amazon, Google and Bing by optimizing their PPC campaigns. More than 300 brands and agencies globally trust the artificial intelligence algorithm of the Berlin-based ad tech specialist to improve their advertising performance and save time in their day-to-day operations

  • Bidstack


    Bidstack is the leading in-game advertising and video game monetisation platform. The company bridge the gap between the interactive entertainment industries and advertisers by enhancing the gaming experience with immersive advertising. Bidstack unlock gaming as a safe and effective media channel for brands and advertisers, allowing them to engage with a growing and diverse audience

  • LocalUp


    LocalUp is the marketing technology solution for businesses and brands with a large number of POS. The company's technology automates & customises clients' social media & Google marketing for any number of locations. Their visibility & brand presence is increased in the direct environment of the POS and scatering is reduced through geo-targeting. LocalUp is available as a managed service and self-service tool and is ideal for product promotions as well as social recruitment and lead generation



    metoda is one of the world's leading providers of real-time market data, insights, and automation in its global e-Commerce universe. The company works with big brands, retailers, and other SaaS solution providers, and always aim to provide competitive advantages through its comprehensive database. Since 2012, metoda has been working on business intelligence solutions for better e-Commerce in the heart of Munich

  • NetMedia Group

    NetMedia Group

    NetMedia Group is a strategic media partner to leading global brands, supporting businesses at every step of their digital transformation and international development. With a team of international experts made up of both agency and client-side marketers, improves business performance and to helps to achieve sustainable business growth for its partners

  • Perion


    Perion is a global technology innovator in the digital advertising ecosystem, providing brands and publishers with an opportunity to unlock lucrative growth opportunities. The company operates across the three main pillars of digital advertising – ad search, social media, and display/video/CTV, representing a potential market of more than $300B