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Top 10 Ad Management Companies in Europe - 2020

For every enterprise, an essential part of the business strategy is portraying the products offered in the most captivating manner to clients. The right advertising strategy attracts not only potential buyers but also talent that is required to run a successful company. With time, the channels to deliver ads to market have increased, creating a dilemma for enterprises to select the right media path in exhibiting their innovative products. A query that often hovers over the minds of the various stakeholders is understanding the best possible way to choose the right adversaries to aid them in showcasing goods to end-consumers. Another challenge they face is effectively organizing the heavy loads of media and associated data gathered during a product ad campaign, and this creates an issue of redundancy and data loss.

In trying to gain an edge and devise a clear plan to fully execute successful product launches, these firms are now turning to ad agencies that leverage the best of ad management technologies. The aim is to offer a complete digitized solution that ensures the management of every regime under the content creation umbrella with adequate scalability and automation capabilities.

In this edition of MarTech Outlook, our editorial team has worked extensively to find the best ad management technology solutions and service providers that are changing the way firms showcase their products to the general public.

We are proud to present to you our “Top 10 Ad Management companies in Europe 2020.”

    Top Ad Management Companies in Europe

  • Digital East (DE) is a digital marketing agency that offers advanced, AI-powered real-time bidding demand-side platform (DSP) to advertisers. DSP combines three service modules, namely—Media, Audience, and AdServer. DE:Media helps users take an AI-driven approach to the programmatic purchase of ad inventory (advertising space) in real-time and optimise their strategies across various media channels, like desktop, mobile, or wearables. Working in tandem with DE:Media, DE:Audience uses modelling features to help clients easily gather insights about the target audience as well as ad visitors. It also allows the segmentation of audience and visualisation of patterns and clusters, thus adding more fuel to the clients’ marketing campaigns. Simultaneously, the DE:AdServer functionality of the platform takes into account the context, browsing history, device capability, and location while creating ad themes that are based on audience interest

  • LocalUp is an online marketing solutions company that offers a robust portfolio of scalable and automated marketing platforms. The company delivers the best solutions for running individualised, hyperlocal ads on some of the world’s most influential platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. It leverages an AI-enabled algorithm to streamline PoS campaigns and optimise budgets, thus bolstering both the owned and operated ad placements and formats of its clients. LocalUp offers two distinct sets of offerings—LocalUpCenter and LocalUp Field—to assist organisations in overcoming their different marketing challenges

  • As a leading B2B media and communication group bolstered by over 40 years of publishing experience, today, NetMedia International has positioned itself as a maven in the advertising service and consulting space. Notably, the guiding principle of the company is to support businesses through every step of their innovation and digital transformation by giving them multimedia exposure worldwide. The company’s media and non-media solutions enable advertisers to communicate, influence, and create links with crucial B2B decision-makers through quality content. The company’s key services include audience profiling, KPI modelling, branding, ABM, insight research, and strategic campaign monitoring

  • AdColony


    AdColony is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.5 billion users globally. Known for its unparalleled 3rd party verified view ability rates, exclusive Instant-Play and Aurora HD video technologies, rich media formats, global performance advertising business and programmatic marketplace, and extensive SDK footprint in the Top 1000 apps worldwide, they are passionate about helping brands connect with consumers at scale on the most important screen in their live

  • Adform


    Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Its unique enterprise technology – Adform FLOW – harnesses superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture, to enable seamless management of the whole campaign life cycle. It provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data from their campaigns. Adform has developed technology to enhance human/machine collaboration and deliver augmented intelligence, thereby amplifying business results for its clients around the world

  • Clearcode


    Clearcode is a full-service software development company that specializes in AdTech and MarTech. Since 2009, tech companies have partnered with us to design and build custom RTB, programmatic, and data platforms for display, video, mobile in-app, OTT/CTV, and DOOH. Their teams are passionate about designing and building software for today’s challenging advertising and marketing industries.They embrace open-source software and love utilizing the latest technologies. Their full-service development teams consist of all the required resources needed to plan, build, and maintain high-performance advertising and marketing technology, from UX/UI design, to frontend and backend development, through to infrastructure management

  • Instapage


    Instapage is the world's most advanced landing page platform. Their six products work together to help marketing teams drastically increase advertising conversion while lowering cost-per-click. A Leader in G2Crowd’s Personalization, Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B Testing, and Landing Page Software grids, Instapage is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction

  • Livewrapped


    Livewrapped is an Ad Tech product and consulting company, specializing in Header Bidding. They have a vast experience in Programmatic Advertising, Ad Tech development, and Yield Management.They can assist you with a quick and problem free integration of Prebid through their proprietary technology. By using a standard client side header bidding solution you will experience an immediate increase in revenue. According to their experience you may see an increase of your programmatic revenue of between 50 and 100 % compared to a traditional, single SSP waterfall solution

  • Platform161


    Platform161 is the world’s only truly customizable demand side platform. They believe that one size does not fit all in the digital advertising landscape. In an eco-system that is both competitive and complex, the ability to adapt and customize is crucial for maximum return on investment. Their approach helps maximize value for our clients. They break out of the limitations of the standardized products that are so dominant in our eco-system. Their team’s DNA is built on working with our clients to find maximized value and they have extensive knowledge in the digital advertising field

  • Tooplay


    Tooplay is an online video advertising network located in Istanbul, Turkey. They exclusively represent Videology platform and thanks to their technology, advertisers can effectively and efficiently reach to consumers through programmatic buying. Besides technical support, Tooplay has a network of over 50 premium publishers in Turkey and we work with top digital marketing agencies including Groupm and OMD. Tooplay believes in technologies and services which enable customers to manage, measure, optimize and develop their online video advertising to achieve the best results