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Top 10 AD Management Solutions Companies in Europe – 2022

Trends like multi-channel advertising, personalized ad targeting, ad optimization for voice search, and shoppable posts on social media platforms are propelling the modern-day advertisement market.

Consequently, the European advertisement industry is leveraging such innovations to expand. In the forecast period of 2016 to 2026, the revenue is projected to reach an astounding 178580 million Euros, estimated at 172600 million Euros in 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.5%. The steady growth has attracted several international companies to venture into the European market with significant investments.

This issue of MarTech Outlook features the “Top 10 Ad Management Solutions Providers in Europe - 2022,” which highlights some of the most important advancements in the European marketing technology sector. It includes the “Top 5 Ad Management Solutions Providers in UK - 2022”, further throwing light on the trends in the sector.

The edition also showcases companies such as AdTonos, a digital audio advertising company that uses its ‘YoursTruly’ technology to bridge the gap between digital audio advertising and the customer through voice interactivity. It also showcases InMobi, a firm that empowers advertisers and publishers to grow through high-impact experiences and innovative solutions.

 The magazine also includes the insightful viewpoints of David Partain, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing at Northern Trust, and Tuncay Yavuz, Digital Director, OMD. They discuss how content production plays an important role in communications and how technology has impacted the advertisement and marketing scene.

Write to us about how the advancements in the MarTech sector across Europe have affected the functioning of your organizations!

    Top AD Management Solutions Companies in Europe

  • InMobi empowers advertisers’ and publishers’ growth with high impact experiences and innovative solutions that help them activate their audiences and drive real connections with today’s consumers

  • Connect Ads

    Connect Ads

    Connect Ads is a digital media powerhouse and advertising solutions provider in EMEA. They utilize the latest in digital advertising technologies with exclusive media and tech partnerships to offer comprehensive 360-degree solutions covering all buying models and formats

  • DDV Media

    DDV Media

    DDV Media is a company of the DDV Media Group. They offer solutions related to advertising, communication and visibility in digital and analogue media

  • Flame Digital

    Flame Digital

    Flame Digital is a performance marketing agency that specializes in web, mobile, and social media marketing. They provide big volumes of high-quality users to mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. They work on a performance model - mainly CPI incent / non-incent, mobile display CPM, mobile and desktop video CPM, email/display CPA/CPL/CPC, cover multiple GEOs worldwide, and are open to all business collaborations

  • Marin Software

    Marin Software

    Marin Software gives digital advertisers and agencies the power to optimize their paid marketing programs. MarinOne provides a unified platform for search, social, and eCommerce advertising. They help digital marketers convert precise audiences, win new customers, and make better decisions

  • Mediasynced


    Mediasynced has developed an advanced TV and radio platform to benefit from the opportunities that the changing landscape of TV offers. Powered by world’s most sophisticated TV-attribution models and AI techniques, it allows modern brands to measure, amplify and optimize their TV and radio campaigns on-the-fly

  • Portuma


    Portuma is an AdTech Company, focusing on IN-GAME Advertising with Blockchain Technology. Thye introduce fun, creative, and adapted in-game ads to video games without damaging the gameplay. Portuma is a tech company within its idiosyncratic technology enables it to publish advertisements in games available on IAB standards

  • Verve Group

    Verve Group

    Verve Group is an ecosystem of demand and supply technologies fusing data, media, and technology together to deliver results and growth to both advertisers and publishers–no matter the screen or location, no matter who, what, or where a customer is

  • Yeesshh


    Yeesshh open access to exclusive advertising traffic. with an impression by impression live buy, based on advanced bidding system. They navigate online trading systems: adaptive infrastructure, hyper fast response time, private places and special deals, big data, meta bidders, mobile payments, fraud fighting and self serve with a core objective to deliver explosive results to their partners

  • Yieldkit


    Yieldkit is a technology platform for performance and affiliate marketing that combines content with commerce. They enable publishers and advertisers to easily implement their performance marketing strategies to generate higher revenue and more traffic with less effort. Their platform is built around turnkey solutions, machine learning for contextual and semantic targeting and APIs